What people are saying

“In the short time that Why Should I Care has been holding public events to explore the major issues of the day, it has become one of the most important forums for dialogue in the City. Rather than pitting opposing perspectives against one another, new ideas and information are shared through conversation. Instead of exploring a battleground, common ground emerges.”
–Adam Vaughan, MP Trinity-Spadina

“Why Should I Care? is a much needed addition to our democracy. Unless voters understand the issues, they cannot make good ballot box decisions. I brag about this organization where ever I go and I look forward to seeing them expand their reach.”
–Carolyn Bennett, MP St. Paul’s

“Why Should I Care? Is a great organization that cultivates meaningful and substantive dialogue on important public policy issues of the day. I found it to be a great venue for public outreach associated with my reports to the Legislature.”
–Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner

“My name is Michael Hlinka and I was asked to be a speaker at a Why Should I Care? event in September 2013. I thought it was wonderfully organized and addressed a key issue that impacts many people in our community. I would be happy to participate in more events – or be an attendee – any time!”
–Michael Hlinka, University of Toronto

“Why Should I Care? contributes immeasurably to the enlightened and informed discourse characteristic of a mature, progressive, and confidant society. In addition to providing an environment conducive to the expression of opinion and perspective, a key and highly constructive element lies in the opportunities it presents for broad, multi-level discourse arising from the questions that individuals pose and the lively discussions that follow. As a speaker, I found one of the most illuminating, albeit personally challenging, elements to Why Should I Care? to be the exposure it provides to opinions contrary to one’s own and the degree to which it forces you to think very carefully, and quite possibly re-consider, your own perspectives. This is a good thing.”
–Prof. Jeffrey Hutchings, Dalhousie University

“WSIC is a terrific social forum for getting citizens involved in open discussion of important issues. Canadians need encouragement to become more knowledgeable and politically active. Grassroots activity is required for the preservation of a democracy.”
–Deborah de Lange, Ted Rogers School of Business Management

“I loved the format. The informal pub setting keeps the discussion casual but frank, and is one of the best forums for learning something useful about subjects that matter.”
–Abe Khademi, The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd.

“Why Should I Care takes mere words and translates them into action. As a thoughtful and reflective engineer, Terri is bound and determined to see that we all, stand up, speak up and lead, where ever we can!”
–K.D. Pressnail, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

“WSIC has shown itself to be a great forum for promoting intelligent discussion about ways to make our city a better place to live.”
–James Pierlot, Pierlot Pension Law