Why SHOULD I Care?

“The ignorance of one voter impairs the security of all” – John F. Kennedy

A strong and healthy democracy requires citizens who are engaged with and well informed about the issues affecting their community and society. People need to first care about issues and then become informed about them so they can make decisions, including voting, based on the evidence, reasonable argument, and personal values. A political debate based on talking points, sound bites, and repeated messages is corrosive to good policy and to the country as a whole.

Why Should I Care is dedicated to educating the public, and each other, and the issues affecting our country, our community, and our future.  We invite Canadians, soon to be Canadians, and all those thinking about the beauty of citizenship in this country to join us, learn, and educate, and make an impact on our democracy.

Why Should I Care? revives the old political salons of a by-gone era where people could come together and have thoughtful discussions about the issues they cared about in a safe, non-partisan environment.  Our volunteer steering committee selects monthly topics and arranges a social location and speakers who have particular experience and information they can share. Each of us brings our own values, knowledge and experience that we can share, and we ask that you bring an open mind to hear the experiences and concerns of others – and a small donation.