Democratic Reform – Ranking Ballots

The Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto or “RaBIT” for short is a non-partisan volunteer-run grassroots initiative to bring instant run-off ranked ballots to Toronto municipal elections.  We want more friendly elections and fairer results.  It’s an easy change for Toronto (as easy as 1,2,3!), and one which would reduce strategic voting, eliminate vote-splitting, discourage negative campaigning and ensure majority support.

Please join Dave Meslin and Amanda Klein from the RaBIT team on July 25th in a discussion about voting reform, how instant run-off ranked ballots work and why Toronto needs this change.

We’ll be meeting at Pauper’s Pub on the second floor, on July 25th at 7pm.  As always, the event is absolutely free (you only have to pay for what you order).

RSVP at our eventbrite page for a chance to win our door prize!

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