Canadian Corporations abroad: Putting corporate accountability on the Human Rights agenda

Over the past few years Amnesty International has started asking some hard questions about the impact that some business practices have on Human Rights. Are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards enough to prevent Human Rights violations? Is business altruism enough to make the world a better place? Do you think Canadian corporate initiatives abroad should have the same responsibility as they do domestically? Can foreign private investment be part of the solution to the development conundrum?
Canadian businesses are expanding across the globe, causing many to rejoice over the economic developments this heralds both locally and globally. Resource extraction and CSR has become a trade mark of Canadian foreign policy. But, do you know what happens when Canadian investors candidly arrive to foreign countries that are already deeply embedded in complex social, political, and economic contexts?
What responsibility do Canadians have for ensuring the welfare of fellow global citizens? Is Canadian corporate philanthropy creating the same positive impacts abroad as they seem to be domestically? Can we trust Canadian corporations to self regulate when it comes to human right impacts?
On July 16, WSIC welcomes Shanaaz Gokool and Freddy Osorio from Amnesty International. They will lead a discussion about Canadian business practices, corporate collaboration and what that means for global human rights. They will also take questions from the floor.

Join us on Monday, July 16 at the Duke of York, and have your voice heard. Of course, if you just want to sit, listen, and have a drink, that´s fine too.  As always, the event is free.

Please RSVP using our Eventbrite page. Doors open 7:00, discussion starts at 7:30.


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