Is Canadian Media Speaking Truth to Power?

The ability to speak truth to power is key to any healthy democracy. To a large extent, that role gets filled by the media. A strong, independent media helps shape people´s perspectives about politics and gives them the information they need to make evidence-based political decisions.

However, the effectiveness of the media in providing unbiased content is often criticized. There is concern from all levels that the media drives traffic by focusing on the politics rather than the policy, leaving Canadians with more personality-drive sizzle than content-based steak.

To test the validity of these charges, and as part of ongoing research into how Canadian democratic institutions are performing, Samara analyzed the media´s coverage of two big political stories from last fall. They collected articles about the federal government´s legislative agenda and the Occupy movement protests, posing key questions about the focus and bias of media coverage.

Join us on August 20th, at the Duke of York when Samara Foundation´s Wayne Chu will lead a discussion about their findings and what they think the impact is on Canadian politics. If you just want to sit, listen, and have a drink, that´s fine too. As always, the event is free.
Please RSVP using our Eventbrite page. Doors open 7:00, discussion starts at 7:30.

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