Pensions: What’s left for the youth?

Pensions: What’s left for the youth?

Pension coverage is shrinking. It’s an open secret that today’s young people are looking at retirements less prosperous than their parents enjoyed. The have and have-nots of tomorrow will be defined by who does and doesn’t have a pension.

The federal government has proposed a new pension scheme: pooled registered pension plans (PRPPs). In a paper published by the C.D. Howe Institute, in August, James Pierlot explained why this scheme will do little for the middle class and in fact could put many Canadians in a worse financial position.

With the current pension system failing youth, the middle class and lower-income workers, and the government’s new PRPP scheme all but dead,  since the public scrutiny of the scheme. What can these people expect when it comes time for them to retire? What can be done? As WSIC’s latest guest speaker, Pierlot will discuss his ideas for new retirement vehicles–vehicles that will benefit today’s workforce, tomorrow.  Joining James is MPP Michael Prue, a member of Ontario’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.  Join us on Monday November 19th.

Please RSVP to let us know if you can join us at  Doors open 7:00, discussion starts at 7:30.  We’ll be at the Duke of York Pub. 39 Prince Arthur Avenue.

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