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  • Mark Henschel says


    I just wanted to add to the summary above what I (more or less) said Monday night.

    While we can make rule changes to enable MPs to engage more usefully in Parliament the only way to truly empower them is to empower voters to choose, on an individual basis, their representatives and to ensure that insofar as it is possible that everyone gets a rep. We need a voting system that facilitates voters to fulfill their electoral responsibilities to do so.

    Right now there is concrete action we all can take to help this happen. The Liberals in their wisdom opened up the voter pool for their next leadership vote to a very broad population. It’s possible to become a “supporter” without becoming a member of the party (you just cannot be a member of another party) and cast your vote for electoral change by putting Joyce Murray at the top of your preferences (it’s a ranked ballot).

    Joyce is running on a platform of Cooperation which means that she’s committed to working with the NDP and the Greens on a one-time “emergency” basis to win power with the primary objective of obtaining a new electoral system.

    A new electoral system is the enabling technology for meaningful, productive citizens engagement going forward as well as the key first step in dealing with the related crises of the environment, the economy and inequality.

    We can help make real change right now. We just have to care to do it.

    Thanks, WSIC for all you do.

  • avid Vallance says

    Although I enjoyed the discussion, Boris, who i consider a friend, fell into the trap that becomes a feature of most politicians: answer the question asked. Rambling on about your personal situation does not necessarily produce more information.

    As for change I’ve come to the conclusion that trying feels good when you stop. It’s a little like hitting your head against the wall.

    Finally, I regret letting the actuary off the hook on “Defined Benefit” pension plans. I have become even more convinced that most will only work if the “employer” has taxing power. A couple of days after the meeting I saw an article pointing out that a lot of DB plans were getting an extra five years to fully fund their plans. Some will not make it and as many employees of bankrupt companies have found out, they have little protection.


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