Food Labelling – Summary by Chris E

Last Monday’s WSIC meeting focused on something near and dear to all our hearts—and even nearer to our stomachs:


What’s really in the food we eat? And why do Canadians, living in one of the most well regulated countries in the world, still feel the need to ask this? WSIC’s guest speaker, Ken Whitehurst, executive director of the Consumer Council of Canada, had some opinions about that, and so did our audience.

“Do you see any positive movement toward better labeling of genetically modified foods?” asked one …

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Nuclear Energy – Follow up

Many thanks to Dr. Kelly Moghul and Mr. Nobby Miura for the amazing presentation about nuclear safety.  Devon was kind enough to write this month’s follow up blog (helped by Ken on the technical side). Special thanks should also go out to our friends from the green party who brought up some great points about nuclear energy.


Our May 16 WSIC event dealt with the safety of nuclear power in Ontario. Our speakers were Nobuyoshi (Nobby) Miura and Dr. Kelly Moghul, both experts in the field, …

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