1 Comment on "The complexities of expanding Toronto’s Island Airport"

  • Ira Rabinovitch says

    So glad you discussed this locally huge issue. And thanks for all your efforts engaging and motivating youth and lesser adults with hope into super daily-choice living and influential action!

    About the airport, please don’t be misdirected by details of how and to what degree we should, for the sake of convenience and some money-making for some businesses (many of whose end products, anyway, are as much waste and exploitation as anything else) poisoning our children’s air (many Toronto and Ont kids sent to hospital, and even die directly from smog according to Public Health authorities), the source of our drinking water, not to mention the home of many fish, the birds, Global Warming, tar sands, and on and on!

    Let’s make world-class choices for our great Toronto!

    peace, Ira Rabinovitch

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