Housing Affordability – Policy Solutions vs Feel Good Policies

John Lorinc and Annabel Vaughan discuss housing affordability and discuss the differences between real solutions and feel good policies.

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Uploading Toronto’s Subway – Is it a good idea?

Is uploading the Subway to the province a good idea?

Is it a backdoor to the eventual privatization of the TTC or could regional management make the entire system more efficient? The Premier’s details are scant but such a move could be either disastrous or beneficial to the system.

A special advisor has been appointed to develop the best approach to upload the asset. Premier Ford wants this to be the keystone of a regional transportation system while critics see this as the first step towards privatization.

Former …

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Reducing Toronto’s City Council

What impact will reducing Toronto’s council size have on the residents of Toronto?

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Smart Cities – Will we leave people behind?

As Cities around the world get smarter, will cities start leaving people behind?

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Legalizing Marijuana – Impacts of Legislation

What are the expected impacts of legalizing marijuana both to those in the industry and to the medical community?

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Improving City Council

Is it time to party up Toronto?

Toronto City Hall can’t exactly be accused of great productivity.  From debating the same subway more times than most of us care to count, to installing, then removing bike lanes, one has to question why there isn’t more direction at city hall.

Would introducing parties into municipal politics help give voters a better sense of what each candidate stands for, what they can be held accountable for, and increase voter turnout?  Could parties help put a rudder on municipal politics …

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Refugees – Have they been warmly welcomed?

It’s been just over a year now since Canada fulfilled its commitment to take in 25,000 refugees from Syria.  More have been coming since thanks to generous Canadians who have put in the time, effort, and money for private sponsorships.

Now that they have been here a year, the federal support is running out.  How are they doing? Are they struggling or flourishing?  It isn’t enough that we simply bring people here, how have the support networks done to give these new Canadians the best chance …

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Bike Lanes – What’s next?

With talk of road tolls, 2017 might be the year that transit really does get friendlier for cyclists.

There’s just shy of half a year worth of data from the Bloor street bike lane pilot project and the reception to those bike lanes will have an impact on transit all over the city.  Will this lead to more bike lanes along major corridors, fewer, but bigger bike paths, or does ridership justify expansion at all?

Albert Koehl, a cycling advocate, and the person largely behind the existence …

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Reducing our Environmental Impact

Dear Friends,


The environmental challenges our society faces can sometimes feel overwhelming. Join us October 17 at the Madison Pub to meet two people who have reduced our strain on the planet through individual or small group efforts.


Greg Labbé, from BlueGreen Consulting Group, will talk about the energy savings that can come from retrofitting existing buildings. Dave Mugford, a resident of the Mayfair on the Green condo tower in Scarborough, will talk about how he and other members of his condo board managed to turn their …

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Preserving Local Heritage

Preserving Local Heritage

May 11, 2016

Deirdre Leowinata


“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin, art critic and social thinker


Our “heritage” is a term that gets tossed around a lot, even in a young country like Canada. But what exactly is heritage? How will the Torontonians of the future remember the Torontonians of 2016, or of the 21st century? It seems from the construction in the downtown core that it’s going to be condos: the unimaginative sky-high concrete boxes that seem …

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