2 Comments on "Creating Pedestrian Zones In Toronto —Not just a walk in the park."

  • It is interesting to see, 15 years later, that Paul Bedford who fought against Car-free zones in Toronto, is finally following the world…. When we, Air Pollution Coalition, initiated this proposal at City Hall, in 2002, many councillors and the Planning Department were against it, only to misconstrue it and placate some equally timorous and unprogressive locals at Kensington Market, to initiate instead, a temporary block party in summer. The result, was ineffective to the concept of sustainable and progressive infrastructure. Please, read the following article :

  • If our City planners take 15 years to see the light, you know why we are stuck in traffic gridlock.
    Paul Bedford, who fought vigorously against Car-free areas in 2002, when we, Air Pollution Coalition, first proposed this project to City Council, now he changes his tune to accept the benefit in humanizing our streets, it is no wonder that our politicians are either corrupt or obtuse to appreciate new ideas.

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