Preserving Local Heritage

There are more cranes in Toronto than any other city in North America. Not even New York has seen this level of rapid construction. While many people are happy to see densification in the city, we don’t want to lose the essence of Toronto. In addition to planning developments so neighbourhoods are walkable, accessible, and vibrant, it is important to maintain some history.

Many Torontonians will remember fondly the sign from “Sam the Record Man”.  While the sign was salvaged with a promise to …

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Toronto: A Tale of Three Cities

How can Toronto mend it’s three cities? Find out April 18 at The Madison.

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Pedestrian Zones in Toronto

Janice Soloman and Paul Bedford discuss the pros and cons of pedestrians zones and Toronto can have one of its own.

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Why Should I Care About the Sharing Economy?

The rapid rise of the “sharing economy” (services like Uber, Airbnb) is revolutionizing the way we satisfy our daily needs and completely transforming traditional markets. With customers happily pocketing savings, policy makers are having to respond to these changes. The discussion has slowly shifted from “should we ban Uber?” to “how should we regulate the sharing economy?”

Join us WSIC Uptown on November 11th as we welcome four special guests to share their opinions on the implications of the sharing economy and suggest how policy makers should respond to this economic …

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Recovering Energy From Waste: An Environmental Dilemma

As cities grow and demands on our time increase, invariably, we opt for convenience when available. This usually means an increase in single use disposable items such as prepared food containers, packaged chemical cleaning solutions and other such functional products. Most of our materials truthfully can’t be recycled and without a doubt, a great deal ends up in the great Pacific garbage patch as shipping containers fall off ships with our plastic “recycling” bound for China.


Many countries in the world have already led the way with recovering energy from …

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Toronto Municipal Election: Mayoral Platform Discussion

Toronto’s mayoral debate needs an injection of policy analysis. Aug 26th, WSIC will host the two candidates with the most substantial platforms for a discussion about what this city needs.

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Municipal Policies for At-Risk Youth

Steve Ambrose and Andray Domise will discuss municipal policies that will help at-risk youth and ways to help keep them engaged with their communities and in school.

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